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Apex Towing – Tow Truck & Vehicle Recovery Service

If you own a car, the chances are that you are going to someday need a towing service to help through a very difficult moment. Your car could break down at anytime, or maybe it’s as simple as having a flat tire or even worse a car accident, you will definitely need the services of a professional towing company. Towing services are available to you 24 hours a day, holiday periods and even in the snow. You can call them the heroes of the highway, ready to offer help whenever someone is in need. They go the extra mile by giving you a lift when you are stranded or roadside assistance when you need it. Let’s say you are out of gas and can’t find someone to give you a ride, the towing truck shows up and there you are; Problem solved! You can now make that sigh of relief with a big smile on your face. It’s actually surprising that most people don’t know the full range of services that a towing service can offer to you.

At various times in our car driving lives we will need the assistance of a towing service to get us out of one trouble or the other. It is at this point that you will need someone you can trust, a towing company that is professional and reliable. Towing companies should have different tow trucks to meet different needs. With employees that are always ready and available to help when you need them the most especially in your most desperate times. For instance, say you are involved in a wreck and your car needs to be moved, just call your tow truck company with a location and a description and the rest is solved. Different tow trucks serve different purposes. For example, in a car wreck, when the car is seriously damaged, you will need a flat bed tow truck. The right towing company should be able to offer different types of tow trucks. Whether your car breaks down, runs out of battery power or gas, or you just got involved in a car accident. It could be that you find yourself to be nowhere in the middle of the night, or maybe on your way to work, or even in a snowstorm. You are stressed out already and you just need a professional towing company to save your day. Hire a towing company that is experienced, professional and knowledgeable about their work.

Obtaining the services of a towing truck can sometimes be stressful. However, choosing a professional and reliable company can go a long way in putting your mind at rest, saving you time and money. Don’t hesitate to get the service of reliable towing company the next time you are stuck.

Sometimes, these services are rendered by a roadside assistance contractor or maybe even a road service operator. In situation when there is a car breakdown, collisions or accidents, these guys tow the vehicle to a garage or some other place safe, where the vehicles cannot be impounded by law enforcement agents.

Sometimes these incidents could happen when you are very far away from home. All these conditions require the services of a towing vehicle and it will be in your best interest at the time to have a contact number of a towing service that can either come to your aid or refer you to one nearest to your location. The first rule of towing that you also have to remember is; “ bring the vehicle to safety”. Always ensure that you employ the services of a good towing company with that has the most appropriate truck that can do the job very neatly.

A towing service can be a life saver when you find yourself in a dead end situation. Always make sure you have the number your roadside assistance or that of your towing service in case of an emergency.

It may surprise you to know that the traffic police also employ the services of a towing truck to move vehicles that are obstructing free traffic flow, vehicles involved in road accidents or vehicles from a crime scene in order to carry out further investigation and tests. Towing services are usually impromptu and this would require towing companies to be always prepared and ahead of time by modernizing communication and operations around their business in order to be able to meet up with clients demands.

Most people who offer towing services either work for themselves or act as agents to other bigger towing companies. The responsibility for any liability rests with the owner. He is also responsible for bringing in investments and obtaining a towing license. Failure of which will result in him working only at restricted hours.  A licensed tower can operate unhindered anytime of the day, every day.



Insurance is very important In this business, it is imperative for the truck owners to have their vehicles covered to hedge against risks of damage or theft. The owner must also submit proof of insurance in cases where an accident occurs. You should always have your insurance documents in the tow truck.


Background verification

Selecting a competent driver for the towing services is also very important. The driver should have a clean record and should be without minor offences such as; DWT (drinking while intoxicated). Background checks will have to be conducted in case the driver has a history of crime and also drug and other medical tests. Employment of drivers with a criminal record can cause the owner his license for life.

Today, Towing companies have seen the need to equip themselves with all the right vehicles, tools and techniques to tow vehicles without causing damage. Vehicle owners buy peace of mind when they know their vehicles are in the hands of a competent towing company. However the second most important rule is; never employ the services of an inexperienced towing company; you will only end up penny wise, pound-foolish.